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Eze Green Energy Company is a manufacturer of renewable/green energy products/systems for all phases of commercial development, industrial development and private residential needs. The primary focus of EGEC is on product engineering, manufacturing processes and installations to ensure the highest quality, a high level of product features, and the most efficient manufacturing process with the latest reliable and high-tech tested technology possible.
We manufactures, assembles, produces and install renewable/green energy products such as
(1) Solar Hot Water System (SHWS)
(2) Solar Hybrid Air-Condition System (SHACS)
(3) Photovoltaic (PV Module) System (PVMS)
(4) Solar Powered Refrigeration Systems (SPRS)
(5) Wind turbine Systems (WTS)
(6) Integration of a conventional air conditioner to a solar hybrid air condition system (CAS -SHACS)
(7) Biodiesel Production
(8) Geothermal heating and cooling systems (ground source heat pump) (geosolar systems)

All our renewable/green energy products will reduce carbon gas emissions, efficient in energy conservation and are also specifically designed to be extremely environmental friendly with little or no maintenance required once installed.

Solar Hot Water Systems (SHWS) include features such as varying sizes of storage tanks in the models of vacuum (heat pipe) technology, compact pressurized (passive) systems and pump (active) systems. The pump systems are also been powered by our photovoltaic (PV) module and intelligently controlled by our new designed solar temperature differential controller. All our solar hot water systems (SHWS) such as compact pressurized and pump systems can be customized in accordance with your roof colour design and/or any other preference of yours.

Solar Hybrid Air-Condition Systems (SHACS) include features such as different British thermal cooling capacity units (BTU) from (9000 to 48000 BTU). These systems would have the capability of reducing your electricity bill between 30% -60% when compared with regular/conventional (on and off) alternating current (A.C) air condition systems. Our designed solar assisted air condition systems can be integrated with hot water generation capabilities (working simultaneously as an air conditioning system and hot water system) and this integration capability is one of the major selling points that this system can offer, targeting clients such as the tourism industry and the public service sector including hospitals, government and ancillary buildings. We can also integrate your conventional electrical air condition systems to solar assisted air condition systems. This is one of the specialties that made us different from other companies.

Photovoltaic (PV Module) (PVMS) include features with different sizes from a minimum of ten watts (10W) to a maximum of two hundred watts (200W). The cells convert solar energy into direct current electricity via the photovoltaic effect. The power that one module can produce is seldom enough to meet requirements of a home or a business, so the modules would be linked together to form an array. These arrays would use an inverter to convert the DC power produced by the modules into alternating current that can plug into the existing infrastructure to power lights, motors, and other loads. These systems can be installed on "standalone or grid" connected to the regular grid system. It would also be used in powering the solar hot water pumps, refrigeration systems, garden lights, street lights, and would also serve as alternative source of electricity in the eventuality of hurricane or power blackout. This system can be used effectively to power water pumps for agricultural purposes in remote areas.

Solar Powered Refrigeration System (SPRS) include freezers, fridge, coolers etc. These systems will be powered by our PV module and offers cooling during various outdoor activities. 

Wind Turbine Systems (WTS) include features such as standalone power generation, integration into the regular grid system and integration with the PV Module offering Solar Hybrid Wind Turbine Systems (solar during the day and wind at night) for power generation. 

Biodiesel Production (Biofuel) Biodiesel refers to vegetable oil and/or animal fat based diesel fuel consisting of long chain alkyl (methyl, propyl or ethyl) esters. Biodiesel is typically made by chemically reacting lipids (e.g., vegetable oil, waste vegetable oil, animal fat (tallow)) with an alcohol; producing fatty acid esters. Our biodiesel is meant to be used in standard diesel engines with little or no modification to the diesel engines. It can be blended at different proportions with petrol diesel and it is also low carbon alternative to heating oil.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling System  (Ground Source Heat Pump) (Geosolar Systems)
A geothermal heat pump (GHP) system consists of one or more water-to-air heat pump units inside the building, which are connected by a common water distribution loop to an earth-coupled heat exchanger (or "ground loop") outside the building. Our Geothermal heat pumps are also known as "ground-source" or "earth-coupled" heat pumps because they exchange heat with the soil at depths of tens to hundreds of feet below the earth's surface. At these depths, the soil temperature is relatively constant compared with the seasonal extremes of air temperature.