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Eze Green Energy Company Limited is a high-tech enterprise establishment that specializes in research, development and manufacturing of Renewable and/or Green energy products. The company has realized the popularity of green energy and has been sparing no effort to explore the manufacturing and exporting of the green energy and sustainable products such as solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic modules, Solar Hybrid Air Condition Systems, wind turbines and solar Integrated refrigeration systems. In our persistence in pursuit of the green energy and/or renewable energy products, Eze Green Energy has advocated a new kind of green life style to their customers.

Our various types and models of renewable and/or green energy products can meet the customers’ different needs. Due to our good quality, competitive price, beautiful design and excellent services, our products have gained more and more people’s trust. Our products are well sold both at home and abroad.

With great emphasis on the quality products and services, Eze Green Energy is always ready and has been working closely with clients from all over the world on the basis of mutual benefits to design, develop and manufacture reliable and efficient green energy products. We are committed to bringing you a promising market that is environmentally friendly and it is the only satisfying results that will prove our delivery abilities

Eze Green Energy Company objective is to offer high-quality renewable/green energy products for the commercial, construction, development and private industries. Our plan is to offer these products at an affordable price, thereby making EGEC the only choice as the top manufacturer in this industry in St. Lucia and Caribbean region. EGEC also aims to play an important role in reducing the green house gas emissions and climate change/global warming control with its green energy environment friendly products.
To fulfill our objective in first class professionalism with efficient business relationship and customer’s services

To thrive with the provision of a reliable and affordable green and/or renewable energy products to all our potential customers and faithful clients at all times. Also to ensure that every dwelling within our reach can reduce and/or entirely eliminate the usage of fossil fuel generated energy for their heating needs thereby reducing theirs carbon emissions by approximately 0.5kg/kWh.

Mission Statement
Green and/or renewable energy technology is real and Eze Green Energy Company is here to explore and harness these technologies for the betterment of our customers and environments.

Vision Statement
To design and develop green and/or renewable energy products that poses no threat to our environment and also contribute tremendously in reducing our dependency on fossil fuel generated energy. 

Target Statement 
(1) That every household within our horizon would be able to generate their heating needs by solar energy technology
(2) That at least 30% -40% of every household comfort cooling within our horizon would be able to cool their homes by solar energy technology or solar assisted systems
(3) That at least 30% - 40% of every commercial accommodation’s comfort cooling and 85% of their water heating needs would be generated by solar and/or renewable energy technology.
(4) That all learning institutions and alike from nursery to tertiary level within our horizon would be able to cut their dependency on fossil fuel generated energy by 45% average.
(5) That every citizen of ours knows how and also has the opportunities to use energy efficiently and as well see practically how much they can or have saved by doing so.